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About this game

Star Renegades is a stratagem RPG video game developed by Massive damage, Inc. it efforts on outmaneuvering AL-driven opponents in addition to toppling immense empire covering multiple generations.

This amazing video game puts you in control of a troop of six renegades commissioned with bringing to a standstill a capsized force from sporadic reality. Remember, the imperium pursues to triumph over the entire galaxy in as many alternative veracities and facets as possible and you are the galaxy last and only hope of redemption.
Yes, you have to fail several before you conquer the imperium’s irresistible forces but that should not deter you from pushing harder because, at the end of it all, you will be sending your loyalty to the next alternative genuineness.

To win in this particular video game, first, you have to impede imperium’s forces from attacking the authoritative core from three different planets. Remember, it’s from these cores that the imperium will find it easier conquering the galaxy. So as a saviour of the galaxy, you must reach these important cores before the imperium’s irresistible forces.