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About this game

Starbound, an action-adventure game, was developed as well as published by Chucklefish. In July 2016, the video game was released to the public out of early access for Linux, OS X and Microsoft Windows; it’s in development for PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Most of the gameplay elements and features, like planets and enemies, use procedural generation to provide fans with a variety of content. Starbound features story-based missions, enemies to fight, free world exploration, quests and the capability of interacting with plus terraform the environment. You are defined by the items you are wearing. Also, you have the capability of constructing buildings, farming and selling crops and also charge rent to travelling non-player characters.


The game starts with the player being inside a spacecraft following the Earth’s destruction, home of the Terrene Protectorate (intergalactic peacekeeping organisation) after just graduated from its ranks. The shuttle starts shooting into space without direction and becomes lost in the sea of stars.

This space shuttle starts orbiting a habitable planet and that’s where an adventure starts that takes you hurtling across the world. The game contains quests as well as story-driven missions that are buried inside its enormous sandbox universe.

Uses of the Space Shuttle

In the game, the space shuttle will act as your vehicle while you are exploring the galaxy, which contains a teleport pad that you can use when you want to teleport down to any planet the shuttle visits. It will also act as a cockpit for steering the ship, a fuel panel that you can use when you want to refuel the ship and a ship locker where you can store items. Also, the interior of your ship is fully customizable with items plus blocks capable of being freely placed within your ship.


Upon its release, the game received favourable reviews, according to Metacritic, a video game review aggregator. IGN also praised the game’s combat mechanics, exploration and mechanics, and compared it to Terraria. Additionally, Christopher Livingston of the UK magazine, PC Gamer, said that this game is a charming space sandbox that will definitely keep video games fans entertained for hours.