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About Starsand

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Starsand is a desert survival game developed by Tunnel Vision Studio and published by
Toplitz Productions. The game is a single-player survival adventure game and is set on a mythical earth-like planet where there is every kind of unknown and unfamiliar risk and danger. Your aim is to unlock the mysterious puzzles of the place and find an ancient secret. As you battle through the desert, survival is key, and you must hunt for food, build shelter for yourself, light fires and cook, and keep yourself and your shelter safe from the many unknown enemies that roam the dunes.
You must find your way, through sandstorms and away from dangerous animals, and leave a trail as you go, to show where you’ve been. You will have to conserve energy and resources to keep yourself from exhaustion, and you will need to keep warm on cold desert nights and cool during the day. It’s about wits and managing everything for survival.