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About State of Mind

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State of Mind, a futuristic thriller video game delving into transhumanism, was developed and published by the German video game developer called Daedalic Entertainment for Nintendo Switch, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC as well as Mac.

State of Mind’s Gameplay

The game explores three themes (separation, disjuncture plus reunification) in a world torn between a utopian virtual future and a dystopian material reality. Employing multiple playable characters plus two separate game worlds, the video game explores the existential drama developing in a society that is on the verge of post-material existence. The player takes the role of Richard Nolan, who is among the playable characters.


Nolan is an editor-in-chief for Voice, which is world’s largest media house. Despite his professional career looking quite successful, his whole life is a total mess. Also, he falls in love with another woman, although he is married.

As the game starts, there is a big accident and the player investigates it for Voice. Eventually, events lead the player to be knocked out and find themselves visiting the hospital. Nolan discovers that together with his son and spouse, they have all been subjects to brain uploads. Nolan’s upload has gone wrong. Consequently, he still lives in real-life reality, but the second version of himself that is incomplete exists in a secret VR (Virtual Reality) project as well.

Upon realising that he’s literally a torn man, Nolan begins a journey on a dramatic and dangerous quest for salvation. His aim is to reunite with his family and with his split self. While Noah is on his way, he realises that the journey is not only about him but also about mankind’s future.


During the game, the player can use up to six characters in solving minor puzzles and exploring the two worlds. When the player is solving the first riddles that he encounters, they have to switch between two available characters and interact with various objects at the same time to open the way to the next area then proceed. As players progress through the game, they hack many things like technical equipment and drones.