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About this game
Stationeers, published by RocketWerkz, gives gamers the opportunity to build and manage their own space station. Intricate mechanical, atmospheric, gravitational and medical systems must be constantly maintained and controlled to keep the space station functioning safely and the Stationeers healthy. Progress from basic survival to meeting longer-term goals and even exploring new planets! The game can be played in single player mode or online multiplayer mode, delivering excellent performance and scalability.

A complicated, systems-oriented game.

This is an exceptionally complex game that requires accumulated knowledge and a lot of practice. The gamer needs to pay attention to a host of complex systems simultaneously. The atmospherics system alone involves pressure, water, combustion, temperature, gas mixtures and fire. These all need to keep working in perfect balance. There’s so much to learn, experiment with and keep track of.

From ‘survive’ to ‘thrive’.

Resource and time pressures add an extra element of excitement – as well as planning and managing a complex station, the Stationeers basic needs must be met to ensure their survival and well-being. Livestock and plants need to be developed to provide food and to contribute towards the station’s atmosphere. Once that’s under control, systems can be programmed and automated so that attention can be given to more complex problems and advanced challenges.

To infinity and beyond.

Adventure-seeking gamers can brave multiple dangerous environments, exploring planets and asteroid belts whilst making sure that the space station is still safely ticking over. You can even build a flyable ship to allow you to explore and harvest resources.

From the past to the future.

Stationeers was inspired by Space Station 13: a community-developed game, created in 2003, where players took on the role of a crewmember on a space station. Players worked cooperatively to maintain the station in the face of adversity – meteor showers, airlock accidents, engine failure and even aliens! Now, the Stationeers Devblog keeps gamers up-to-date with the latest developments during the Early Access phase and offers a sneak-peak behind the scenes.