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About this game

Steam Hammer Developers

Steam Hammer is a video game featuring a mysterious world of the medieval times. The game is published by SF team and developed by Big Way. Set in the Acribo islands, the game features steam engines and a hardcore sandbox RPG. The player goes into the island and has to master various tactics necessary for survival.

Steam Hammer Features

Steam Hammer features intriguing visuals of medieval times structures such as buildings and steam engines. The setting includes amazing mechanical infrastructure, weapons, clothing an armour. It features a lot of steam and smoke which makes it quite intriguing for gamers who like medieval time setting. The game also has an open-system that allows a player to engage in the game without arbitrary constraints. Steam Hammer has developed characters with distinct skill-sets. The characters featured include stormtroopers, engineers, gunsmiths, farmers, scientists an many more.

Gaming Experience

The player engages in the game by choosing to be one of the characters depicted. The player becomes part of a team that is supposed to help navigate the tough environments of the Acribo islands and survive. Each of the characters depicted has a special role to play as per their skill-set to help to survive the Acribo islands. The characters also have to work in coordination with other characters to ensure everything runs smoothly. The game, therefore, requires a combination of skill, wit and proper strategies. The medieval times visual and the aura of steam and smoke combined with strategy development and coordination to come up with survival tactics makes the game very intriguing for many gaming enthusiasts.