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 Stellaris is a grand strategy video game in the 4X genre. It was developed as well as published by Paradox Interactive.
Apocalypse (the fourth Stellaris expansion) was announced on 11 January 2018. The game release date is on 22 February 2018. The expansion will be accompanied by Cherry (the free 2.0 patch)
The features that are available after the activation of the accompanying DLC include the following:Marauders – The galaxy can produce nomadic empires on the galaxy fringes raiding settled nations. Ion cannons – Starbases are capable of deploying defence modules that can hit targets on the other system side.
Titan class – Players can build strong capital-sized ship offering great bonuses to vessels that are under their command. Planetary destruction – Capability of constructing Colossus, a super weapon capable of shattering entire worlds. Unity ambitions – More ascension perks and civics plus new ways of spending unity to customize the development of the empire.

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