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About this game

Steven universe unleash the light is an action, adventure, RPG, single-player game. It supports up to 13 languages, including English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. The game is developed by grumpy face studios and published by cartoon network games.

The game involves two powerful Gem rulers who threaten the peace that has recently been bestowed to Era 3. Steven and his friends decide to begin an RPG guest to ensure the gem rulers are stopped immediately. Steven universe unleash the light has seven playable characters who are the different steven universe characters.

You have the chance to customize your team in order to have the maximum advantage. This can be by, changing the formation in battle, choosing the games you want in your party, and unlocking new abilities, upgrades and costumes. The game also provides for amazing combos of attacks and gem fusions where you can play as sunstone, rainbow quartz 2.0, or smoky quartz.