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About this game

Stoneshard Supporter Pack is a turn-based, Role-Playing (RPG) action game that was created by Ink Stains Games for Xbox 360 or macOS. The game involves a single player going through obstacles and encountering the complicated life of a medieval mercenary. The player has to travel through a war-torn kingdom, fight battles, fulfill some contracts, treat wounds using concoctions and drugs, and build a character with less obstacles.

The pack has some features like:
• Exploring Ravaged Lands – A player has to travel across Aldor, through abandoned roads and village ruins inhabited by monsters.
• Choosing Your Path – A player will take part in battles against several factions: the undead, brigands, abominable cults, all of which require you to use a unique approach to win.
• Survival against the odds – If you are an individual who loves taking risks, then you should try out the Ironman mode. In this mode, every decision you make is irreversible.

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