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Strafe Developers

Strafe is a fast shooting video game. The first-person game has an armoury, from which a player can choose a weapon of their choice, and chances to buy upgrades from merchants. The game is developed by Pixel Titans and publishing is done by Devolver Digital. The weapons available include railguns, shotguns, and machine guns.

Features of the Game

The game has randomly generated levels. Each of these levels features a randomly generated arrangement of a number of rooms with randomly placed enemies, upgrades and merchants. The player engages in the game by choosing a weapon of choice, fighting their way through enemies to get to upgrades and merchants to acquire more weapons and upgrades until they finish the level. The guns feature primary and secondary firing method thus giving them more power and making the game more interesting. Strafe is also developed with a dynamic blood splatter system that makes more exciting visually.

Gaming Experience

Strafe combines a number of features to provide an ultimately exciting gaming experience. The game could be regarded to as the bloodiest shooting game available. The game has unending mind-blowing secrets and progressive conflicts that put the player in constant combat with the enemies.The gore-filled game combines the weapons and rogue-like features in the player to enable them to leave a trail of the enemies behind. The tail of enemy blood acts as a pointer of the path the player has taken across a level. It entails a combination of over 30 weapons, over 20 enemies and an amazing soundtrack that provides a wholesome gaming experience. The game is fast-paced and requires a combination of speed and critical thinking from the player.