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About this game

Get prepared to go on an epic journey in to this riotous 3rd person exploration game designed for 1 and 4 players. Set in the 1930’s, you’re faced with perilous traps, mysterious tales and adrenaline packed action.

Can you rise to a challenge that began in ancient times

The Which Queen Seteki, has arisen after 4,000 years of being buried in a tomb with no name and expunged from the history books. The Strange Brigade, are the only force of heroes, that have stepped forward and are ready to take on the notorious powers of Seteki, who is backed up by her army of mummy monsters.

Delve through ancient ruins

During gameplay, you and your strike team will explore ancient ruins and have to solve amazing puzzles and discover treasure whilst fighting your way through an army of the undead. Unleash the adventurer inside you and go for it!

Play multi-player

As part of four iconic, hero style agents, you’ll travel through the ancient world. You have been specially trained to take on supernatural enemies, and you have been given magical powers and prototype weapons with amazing abilities, such as the freezing Chill Buster, fire-spitting Krakatoa and the awesome Blunderbuss, that busts brains.

Face multitudes of benevolent monsters

The mythological which Seteki has awoken and brought an entire army of subservient beasts along with her. Stand forth and do battle with these wicked creatures that are hell bent on causing chaos and destruction. Groaning mummies, assassins that breath fire, scorpions of gigantic proportions and things even worse than that will come forth and the fearless, powers of good must do what they must.

Multitudes of horrifying snares

Stay keen and on your toes, and you’ll discover imaginative methods to see of your enemies. Use spinning blades to take out the undead, burn them with fire traps, squash them with cleverly placed boulders. Do what you must to bring down the immediate danger that’s facing you.

Masses of puzzling dilemmas

Look out for dubious clues, secret passes, and ancient devices that must be re-awakened. Find the treasures that are buried and waiting to be discovered.