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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is an action-packed, role-playing, RPG, and adventure game that is developed by Team Ninja. It is a thrilling game that allows players to explore a dark fantasy world where they battle numerous enigmatic monsters from the Final Fantasy series. They do so by utilizing powerful abilities and spells such as black mage, dragoon, and warrior. This post will inform you of what you need to know about this exciting game.

About this Game

This protagonist in this game is Jack whose mission is to kill chaos. The combat in this game is identical to Nioh although there are several differences between them. First, the stamina meter is absent in Stranger of Paradise which means that you can draw your weapon and button mash as you like without having to worry about your stamina running low.

Instead, the stamina meter is replaced by a soul meter which decreases when you block, use your soul shield, or get hit. This is a special barrier whose meter gets drained rapidly but can absorb the powers of your enemy or make them recoil if correctly timed. Interestingly, when your soul meter is depleted, your player will stagger and become vulnerable to attacks until it has filled up.

3 mechanics are involved in the interplay which enhance the game’s combat and they include:

  • The job system
  • The soul meter
  • The MP meter

When you time your soul shields properly, you can deflect the attacks from your enemies which in turn will build your MP meter up. This can allow your player to activate special job abilities often.


Ultimately, Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin involves a combat system that takes plenty of expertise to survive. You cannot get far in the game by only using your skill and reflexes. You have to understand the weaknesses of your enemies and learn when to use your soul shield.