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About this game
Streets of Rogue is a role-playing game by Matt Dabrowski wherein you are fighting, sneaking and hacking your path via randomly created cities. The game is roughly a cross between Deus Ex and Nuclear Throne, and which is peppered with some GTA anarchy.

Levels and Elements

Streets of Rogue is quite realistic wherein you stand opposite a futuristic, but rotten city’s mayor. The levels in the game are randomly generated, taking on missions that are equally random and acquiring fresh items, skills and friends in the process. At the various stages, you would come across drugs that augment your physical size, bombs blowing doors off, cigarettes that poison air filters, whiskey for drinking and also to bribe bouncers, boomboxes to make enemies dance, and electronic equipment to hack bullets out the gun of your enemy into your gun.


There is a wide range of characters to select from. The game starts with an investment banker who has too much money in the bank and can identify drugs at whim. But he also is addicted to drugs and which could slowly hamper his health, provided you fail to powder his nose. Then, there is the naked Shapesifter who easily provokes policemen on sight. You also got a physician who is capable of chloroforming people from behind. However, he doesn’t resort to using conventional weapons as he is a “pacifist”. Some of the other characters are gangsters, werewolves, comedians and jocks. All of them have their fair share of drawbacks and strong points.


The roguish streets are affable by default. The streets are essentially miniature city neighbourhoods, replete with bars, laboratories, libraries, clinics, prisons, public toilets, cafes, and other spots that you can find on a typical street. If you are not pissing people off on the street, you should be in safe territory. But the game is designed such that you eventually end up rubbing people the wrong way. And this is courtesy the randomly generated missions that you get in every new level. The tasks usually require you to kill a couple of people, rescue an individual, retrieve an item from a particular bloke, or destroy a crate and usurp its contents.