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About Subnautica Below Zero

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Subnautica: Below Zero is an exciting single player underwater survival and adventure game. It takes place on an alien ocean world at the end of the 22nd century. It’s both an expansion of the popular Subnautica game and a stand-alone game in its own right. The early access version runs on the Windows and Mac OS X platform. The developer and publisher of Subnautica: Below Zero is Unknown Worlds Entertainment.


Subnautica: Below is set on planet 4546B, a year after the Subnautica story takes place. As a scientist, you find yourself posted to a research station on the planet’s surface where your job is to study the alien artefacts. Supporting you is the Vesper space station in high orbit above the planet. It sends you supplies and instructions and receives the samples that you send it from the surface.

During gameplay, disaster strikes the research station. To survive you need to build homes, search for resources as well hunt for food and fashion equipment. In the adventure, you get the chance to explore, study and survive in new environments above and below the surface. As part of the game, you can also discover new alien lifeforms in the ocean’s icy depths. Some are helpful, while others will try and harm you.

Below Zero builds on the Subnautica story by asking questions like ‘Who were the aliens who came before’ and ‘Can you trust your commanders’? Updates to the game introduce new elements that enhance both the early access gameplay and the expected final version.

Community Involvement

Like the original game, the ongoing development of Below Zero is taking place in the open. It allows Urban Works to receive feedback so that they can improve and develop the game further.

Release Date

As Below Zero is still in development, there is no confirmed date for when Urban Works plan to release the final version.