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About Succubus Affection

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Succubus affection is one of the best games, which is mainly made to befriend all the girls in the game. This game was developed by succubus diary. Succubus affection is a game that involves a human-like world with monsters. This game contains strong language, according to the developer.

In this game, there is a young man who lives in a remote, quiet village with his sister. The fact that the young man is constantly attacked by monsters when he tries to leave the village made him strives to be strong.
The strength he acquires over time reduces the burden of his sister to deal with monsters. Some of the greatest features of succubus affection include a skill equip system, a side-scrolling action RPG. You can select the level of difficulty when playing this game. Also, you can have the opportunity to collect different ingredients and prepare food for buffs.