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About Succubus Farm

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Succubus Farm is a dungeon escape, action, adventure, and RPG game. The game is developed by Dieselmine and published by Kagura Games. In the game, you play as a captured human who has been forced for demons. But after days pass by, you decide to make a mad dash for freedom.

If you are a person who likes dealing with puzzles and gimmicks, this is the best game that you can enjoy playing. You are required to figure out the puzzle in each area that you pass when on your way to freedom. You should avoid succubus and the traps that are set up to be able to escape. The game is enjoyable, and you are carried away by the puzzles if you want to view all the scenes in the games. But when your mind is to complete the game, it becomes too short. The game has great h-animations and HCGs that are stunning.