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About Succumate

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Succumate is an online adventure game developed by Dojin Otome and published by Kagura Games. It brings to life a Japanese adventure setting meant for a mature audience due to the strong language. The game revolves around a fantasy supernatural that invades the human world to wine and dine.

The game begins when the player returns home from their daily escapades and notices the front door open. When the player enters, they find a beautiful woman sitting in their living room, which confuses them further. On a second look, this woman (Lilim) a demon whose mission in the land of the living is to enjoy the beauty of the world. The player must keep her happy to avoid her wrath.

Succumate brings together a mixture of adventure and suspense. The gamer must be creative on ways to sustain Lilim’s good mood, including toiling or asking the neighbours for help.