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Summer in Mara is a tropical archipelago adventure, single player game that is created, developed and published by Chibig.

This is an adventure game where you must explore the world and discover the resources in it. The setting consists of an ocean with several islands to explore. You will be required to take care of your island in order to survive. The player will be farming the islands and crafting tools for survival. The player will also own a boat that can be used for sailing to new islands for exploration purposes. In addition, you will be tasked to find the hidden treasures in those islands. In the process of fulfilling your destiny, you will meet new characters. Some of the characters will be friends whom you will be trading with. You will be forced to fight against some new characters who will turn out to be your enemies. In this game, all that is required is unlocking and acquiring new skills that will help you in exploring, crafting and trading easily.