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About Summer Life in the Countryside

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Summer Life in the Countryside is a video simulation game developed and published by Dieselmine. The game involves coming together with an old childhood friend and spending your summer vacation with her. Although your old childhood friend is full of curiosity, she does not talk much.


When playing, you need to continuously improve Ye Yue favorability and the H-degree to progress in the game. To unlock the Ye Yue daily actions, you need to accumulate as many affection levels as you can. Unlocking these Ye Yue daily actions allows you to try more sex in different situations and scenarios.

Additionally, you can unlock various sex positions as you accumulate ‘affection degree.’


  • Excellent atmosphere – The incredible nice setting makes it easier for characters to settle and calm down during the summer.
  • Shopping and dressing – These two are additional elements in addition to love-forming elements.
  • Incredible scenesApart from an incredible environment, you can enjoy great scenes of the Japanese countryside.