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About this game

Sunset Overdrive is a video game. The publisher is Microsoft studios and the developer is Insomniac Games. A game in an action adventure played in a third person perspective. In the year 2013 it was broadcasted in an electronic entertainment expo and was later released globally in 2014. In 2018 it was available for Microsoft Windows.

About the game

Sunset Overdrive is a fictional game that borrowed a story line from stories like I Am Legend a novel, a Kenyan documentary called Hyena men of Kenya and a comical called Tank Girl. In 2027 the characters are trying to reach a city called Sunset City. Sunset Overdrive tries to make an open disaster be manageable in a normal playground. There are so many things running across the Sunset city a grind, a zip and a wall all of them using unusual arsenal. In Sunset Overdrive there are unique tools, well known abilities and hyper –agility.

How to play

In the city called Sunset there are mutants who are bloody. The mutants are bloody due to a drink called FizzCo which gives them deadly energy. A party is started but the drinks are not the expected ones, it disappoints the visitors one is forced to run away from the party to a safer place. On the other side you are having some few friends together you try to fight the slavering mutants, kill FizzCo robots and shooting the bandits.

Here each person is given an opportunity to reinvent themselves and take hold of their life by all means in a universe that has neither social morals nor rules. There is a soundtrack depending on the intention it shows the main focus and the fun part of the game. Sunset Overdrive game tries to put back the rudeness and bravery that were shown in current apocalyptic narratives like in World war Z.

In this game the more you make impressive moves in how you deal with deaths the more one gets higher style forms. When one gets new styles it generates more amplifiers of different effects which impart attacks and causes explosions that uses electricity and makes the object to jump off.