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About Super Meat Boy Forever

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If you are in love with platform video games, Super Meat Boy will not disappoint. Super Meat Boy Forever has been termed as one of the best Indie platform videogames to be created. Team Meat, which was founded by Tommy Refenes and Edmund MCMillen, has won an award over the same. The game has been designed by Tommy Refenes himself and Kyle Pulver.


This video game has an intriguing warm narrative to it. It involves four main characters; Meat Boy, Bandage Girl, Nugget, and Dr. Fetus, the antagonist. Meat Boy and Bandage Girl have a lovely daughter, Nugget, who is abducted by Dr. Fetus during a picnic. The thrill begin when Nugget’s parents embark on a rescue mission that entails going through numerous dangerous obstacles set by Dr. Fetus to reclaim her.

It is quite exciting and challenging being one of the toughest platform games. When playing, you get to choose whether to play as Meat Boy or Bandage Girl, whoever you fancy. There are also numerous other unlockable characters as you proceed through the stages.

Team Meat did well with the performance of this game. It is very responsive and refined controls therefore, you get to experience smooth and impressive gaming. The game has several stages, each with a required number of chapters you need to tackle to move to the next step.

Why Super Meat Boy Forever? What makes it special?

There are a few interesting features incorporated in the game that make it all the more fun and special. One feature that truly stands out is that this game does not have fixed levels for all players. Instead, it is designed in such a way that levels are randomly generated according to the individual skill of the player. This feature uses a set algorithm.

Another feature that makes the Super Meat Boy Forever special is that it is in auto run. This means that the character on the platform only moves to the left or right despite of the player’s input. Auto run might be a put-off to some players but honestly, it is not as bad. It boosts your focus through challenging obstacles.

Is it worth it?

Super Meat Boy Forever is really worth your time, money, and effort. It is exciting and will challenge you to perfection. If you are a hardcore gamer, Super Meat Boy Forever is a catch. It rates pretty well.