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About this game

The Superpower Squad is an adventure game where players choose various KAPA avatars to complete various duels with other characters. Players join a team and map out the strategy together on ways to beat the opposing team. Then they plunder the team for equipment, gold coins and other bonuses. Besides, players look for a treasure chest, capture the boss, creep down and defeat all the enemies.

Players have four role choices, each of which is unique, but all of them follow the same gameplay. Each character has four skills that any player has to understand at the start of the game. Besides, each player can decide the birth point, combination of the free equipment, hidden map mechanisms, among other features. In the course of the game, players will get over twenty bonus equipment options from which to choose a few. Besides, they can change the environment, including vegetation and seasons. Most of the tasks require players to be bold and try some risky moves.

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