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About this game

It is an adventure game that explores the possibilities of re-inventing civilisation. Creating a way of life requires discipline, consistency and strategy, a trait the gamer must have to build a new world order. Developed by Bob and published by Ginormocorp Holdings, this simulation game tries to juggle survival tendencies with dominance to whip people into a certain thinking.

The gamer can either recruit survivors, instil fear or make them like you. In addition, he or she must cater to their needs. This alliance is critical in forming a working relationship for the ultimate goal. To survive, the team can use weapons, wittiness and stealth to keep zombies and looters at bay.

Each survivor has unique behaviour and personality, which the gamer has to explore to their advantage. Their diversity creates a blend essential to create a new world order. Survival is the ultimate goal, despite the hardships.

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