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About SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris

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Video games designed using animation come in either 2 ways, new or imitation. New games have their storyline and character, while imitation is a replica of an existing game, modified to suit a specific purpose. SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris attempts to offer a bridge in between by co-opting each of the two approaches simultaneously.

It is an action-packed epic game, complete with swords and girly characters. The battle happens in real-time and showcases the martial art finesse. Set as an adventurous game using the RPG gaming approach, it shows the story of a girl and 2 other characters out to conquer the world. Little did they know the unforgiving world will test their closeness.

About this Game

The game is set in the underworld, where people live as per their strength. Kirito, the leading character in the game, wakes up in a different world. However, the surrounding seemed familiar but has to go out and forge her life. In her undertakings, she met a young man Eugeo with who she strikes bond. Now, they have to be by each other’s side to survive. They guide each other towards their goal.

Part of the survival tactic is learning how to use the Sword. The gamer has to use RPG to be part of the salvation in the Alicization Arc. There are subtitles which aid in understanding the game. Navigate through monster battles to make it to your final destination.

Points to Note

Game Flow – Kirito wakes up in a strange world but resembles her previous surrounding. She has to recollect and figure out how to survive. In the process, she meets a man who agrees to work with her to fulfil her fantasies.

Lycoris – it is a unique flower mostly found in South Japan. It denotes passion and the struggle to succeed, which is the central theme in this game. It also shows the character the light, despite tribulations.

Characters – other than Kirito and Eugeo, there is Alice. They form the plot of the game, with every aspect revolving around them. Being an RPG, the player has to pick a character to make the real-time gaming complete.

Development, Publications and Distribution – the video game was developed by Aquria Company Limited. Bandai Namco Entertainment published and distributed it.

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