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About this game

Sword x Hime is a first-person action game that pursues the ultimate adult sexual gratification. The game was developed by Kazuya and is available on PC. In the game, the main character pursues different lovemaking modes, including oral sex, lesbian and sexual intercourse in different positions. The developer is expected to add 3P, bondage and other scenes in the future.

The game also incorporates lots of sword action alongside lovemaking scenes. The main character, who looks like a cute Japanese hentai warrior, meets monsters on her way to the ultimate sexual enjoyment. It has elements of ARPG games in terms of action role-playing and the use of different weapons. However, there are no goals to meet and levels to climb. Besides, it does not have penalties for losing to monster opponents. It has several environments and very nice textures that give the 3D action a realistic feel. It is easy to play with double action and sexual role-playing entertainment.