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About this game

Swords of Gurrah is near a realism game that is focused around face-to-face warfare weapons, which smash and regrow on each collision. It permits the player to block and dodge online in an innovative and fresh way. The game takes skill further than the typical gaming to maintain: slice, swing, slash, duck, dodge, and destroy.

Gurrah contains a broad collection of weapons: shields, one hand swords, glaives, axes, spears, double-sided sabers, daggers, throwing stars and heavy-class swords. The player just needs to choose and get some training. The choice is yours! All these weapons are made to shatter and also regrow on each crash. This permits the player to block and parry in a technique that has never been seen before in the Virtual Reality as a result of the restrictions of the technology. The game will not feel inconsistent and clunky any longer. These weapons are light in weight.

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