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Developed by a small group of committed developers known as Slow Fire Gmes, SYNTHETIK 2 is unceasingly pushing the boundaries of browser gaming and creating unique experiences built on community feedback as well as future updates. The original game was a solid foundation to build upon; we found it both easy to pick up but challenging to master.

Amazing Features

New ways to upgrade and mix classes made for new experiences. SYNTHETIK 2 takes it all further with new features, updated graphics and UI, new classes, the removal of tedious requirements, and massive updates that keep you coming back for more! The basics are simple: choose your class, upgrade yourself beyond measure, and kill some bots.


But before long, you’ll discover that death is permanent! Every decision you make matters as you ascend the Endless Tower in search of the Heart of Armageddon. SYNTHETIK 2 is currently in closed beta, but you can still apply for a chance to be part of the testing group! The game will launch with six classes, ten weapons and a mix of interesting items to experiment with. Post-launch updates include new maps, content and classes.