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About Syrian Warfare

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Syrian Warfare, as the name indicates, is a war game by Cats Who Play. The game tries to throw a different light on the Syrian war that has been in the news for so long and so often that people are now taking any news related to the Syrian war less seriously. The war has been predominately presented by the media as video documentaries and opinion articles. Syrian Warfare attempts to present the crisis as a game.

Getting to the Roots

A lot of us know or would have at least heard about the Syrian war. But not many of us would be knowing how and why it all started. Syrian Warfare gives you certain insights. That said, the game is still fairly entertaining and doesn’t try to be a history lesson of any sorts. What it does do is present the war without trivialising things. These start from the initial days of the war to the latest and most important victories.


The game’s storyline is most certainly its major standout, primarily for its portrayal and setting of things. The narrative and execution is worth mentioning. The characters are mainly there to propel the story but they lack the depth needed. In other words, if they were to be removed from the game abruptly, the impact on the overall gaming experience would be minimal at best. The voice-based acting is good but the dialogues could have been less stereotypical.


Keeping politics aside for a moment, the game is an RTT or real-time tactics venture wherein players fight in conjunction with Syrian government forces opposing groups such as the Al-Nusra, ISIS and other militias backed by the West. Instead of managing soldiers individually, you would control squads that move together and cannot be split up.  There is no base-building or resource-gathering. The forces have to be chosen at the beginning of every mission and have to be stuck with, though there are reinforcements to claim. The same units are carried over between missions, acquiring experience and expertise with every enemy killed. Points are earned post each mission. The points can be used to buy additional units for subsequent missions.