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About Tabletop Simulator Darkest Night

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Tabletop Simulator is an independent simulator game created by Berserk Games that allows players to create tabletop games in various multiplayer physics sandbox.

About Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator enables players to create their own original games, automate games, set up RPG dungeons, create hinges and joints, import custom assets and finally flip the table when they lose. The game features endless possibilities.


Tabletop Simulator depends on physics sandbox with set victory or failure conditions. Players begin by selecting the table to play then interact with the game by moving virtual pieces subject to physics simulation. The online multiplayer version of Tabletop Simulator supports a maximum of ten players.  Besides moving pieces, Tabletop Simulator gameplay includes mechanics to assist common board gameplay such as dice rolling, hiding player’s pieces and many more. Some of the games included in this game are chess, poker, and checkers. Pieces in the table can be mixed or customised to create new and intriguing games, which can be saved or played with others.

Create Games

Players can import images and models to create entirely a new, recreational board game. Players with prototyping and creativity can easily create the games, scripts, custom decks and much more. Newly created games can then be uploaded to the Steam Workshop or shared privately with select friends.

Fun For All Ages

The Tabletop Simulator cuts across all ages. For instance, pass time with grandma by playing the classic board game, enjoy poker with the guys and finish off with an epic RPG adventure with other enthusiasts.

Key Features of Tabletop Simulator
• Some of the noteworthy features of this game include:
• An online sandbox with endless games
• Save and load objects and complete games
• Enhance the games with Lua scripting support
• Create own games easily with 3D model importing
• Multiplayer with up to 10 people on the same table
• Share the games with friends or upload
• Numerous included games such as Backgammon, Checkers, Dominoes, Solitaire, Tablet, Cards and much more.