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About Tainted Grail Conquest

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Tainted Grail is one of the newest games developed by Awaken Realms Digital. It is the best game for players looking for something that would challenge their decision-making skills, curiosity, and deck-bui9lding skills. The game is currently available for all players across the globe.


When you begin playing this game, you will be inspired by many things, such as Celtic mythology and Arthurian legends. You will also be glad to find names such as Kamelot and Merlin. What will impress you the most is the fact that you will position yourself in a world that is quite unforgiving and harsh.

The landscape is significantly dull, desolate, desperate, and is almost collapsing. It encompasses an excellent fusion of fear and magical realism. As a player, your mission is to leave your home and head for Kamelot to find someone who can save menhir in your village from going stale.