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About this game

Tainted Grail is an action-based game of the genre RPG. The game incorporates dark fantasy and its narrative created in a turn-based strategy (Players take turns while playing). Tainted Grail was released in mid-June 2020 by the Awaken Realms Digital, which is also its publisher. Tainted Grail involves one to four players going on either a solo or group adventure experience to unravel some mysteries and complete certain tasks. As a player, you will have to explore, fight your path through difficulties, make hard decisions, and live with the consequences.

The game has a level known as the Fall of Avalon. The mode involves a player having to reveal the mysteries of one Guardian Menhirs. Such modes can only be obtained when you purchase Tainted Grail in Early Access. Early Access focuses on unlimited gameplay on creatively generated maps. The player builds a base to save his/her progress, accesses an interesting combat system with intriguing skills and weapons and allows the player to develop and customize the character.

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