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About TAISHO x ALICE Episode 2

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TAISHO x ALICE episode 2 is a visual novel adventure video game developed by Primula and published Pencil. In this fairytale adventure game, you must rescue your prince charming and lead him to his happily ever after.


When the game begins, you will find yourself stranded in a world with nothing but complete darkness. You do not have any memories of your past, including your own identity.

As the game progresses and you are almost giving in to the loneliness, you encounter Alice, a young blonde guy with blue eyes and he names you ‘Arisu’.

Just like you, Alice cannot remember anything else apart from his name. While he protests, you pull him along and through the darkness till you find yourself standing in front of a gigantic crystal mirror.

Together, you fall through the crystal glass and into the looking-glass world, a strangely familiar antique fairytale dreamscape.

In the looking-glass world, you take on the responsibility of a heroine and join a diverse ensemble of gender-swapped fairy characters in their twisted narratives.