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About Tale of Immortal

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Tale of Immortal is a Chinese open world action, adventure, simulation, and RPG game developed and published by Lightning Games. Its setting is a sandbox world that is rooted in ancient Chinese cultivation and mythology. It has proven to be an instant hit among players with a receptive audience.

Work Your Way Up to Become an Immortal

The game starts with the protagonist being a mortal warrior who embarks on an adventurous mission. The mission involves taking on a plethora of mythical voracious beasts along the journey. The game’s setting is based around ancient Chinese mythology, and the player can use the powers available to him to defend himself when attacked by the beats from the classic of mountains and season.

Subsequently, the protagonist has to work his way up to gradually become an immortal or a deity of some form. Also, the player is expected to make key decisions throughout the game, and make choices in which he would like to resolve issues as well as build and develop their player character. These choices will enable the protagonist to grasp their own destiny. Basically, the main objective of this game is, you begin as a mortal warrior, and you have to fight your way to the top.

Features and Availability

In the game, the player character has access to distinctive RPG features, as well as a choice-based storyline that dictates the entire adventure. What makes the game unique is that currently, it is only available in simplified Chinese. This means that most of Tale of Immortal’s players are from China.

The game allocates plenty of interactive buttons at the player’s disposal with in-game NPCs and scenes which affect the game’s storyline and transforms the game world. In the long run, the protagonist experiences a conversion from a mere mortal warrior to a strong, god-like form of being.


The Tale if Immortal is the ideal game for adventure and RPG game enthusiasts because of its uniqueness and exciting features and abilities. It brings out the theme of sticking to your heart, daring to fight your way from difficulties, make careful and rational choices, and lastly, take control of your own destiny.

Unlike similar games such as the House of the Three Kingdoms 8, that are only available in China only, the Tale of Immortal is available almost everywhere.