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About this game

Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1 is an interactive first-person adventure entry in the same line as The Norwood Suit and Off-Peak from Cosmo D. The game features a similar world-building scheme similar to other games in its line that might seem a bit off. The aesthetics hold up well with slight variations in the designs. In this episode, you as the player arrive in Off-Peak when the town’s pizza maker requires an assistant to handle deliveries.

Your initial mission is to work under the pizza maker to gain trust and steal his beloved saxophone. However, to get it, you need to work for him. Each mission takes you deeper into the heart of Off-Peak City as you uncover the private deals happening in the city’s residents’ lives.

The game shares many similarities to its predecessors but manages to offer a new point of view. As the main character, you get to be part of a unique environment in one street with secrets and hidden meanings. The games’ main plot comprises you being a new resident of Off-Peak city trying to find more information on the city and how you fit in the events.

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