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About this game

TASOMACHI is an action-adventure game created by Orbital Express/Playism. The adventure revolves around a young girl called Yukumo, who transverses the world in an airship. When she reaches the far-east side, her airship breaks down. She has to explore the city in this location for spare parts. However, to her amazement, the city had no human inhabitants but beings that look like cats.

You can explore this Far East fantasy world in the game, control where Yukumo walks and what she does. It has dungeons, hanging gardens, and elaborate structures, some of which house the parts you need to fix the airship.

The town is mesmerising. It comes to life once darkness sets in. The Nezu tribe will give you hints on where to find parts for the ship. You will also have to learn to jump floating sanctuaries at the edge of the city. Finally, use the airship to explore lakes, valleys and piers in the area. Expand your adventure by gathering the Sources of Earth.