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About TasteMaker Restaurant Simulator

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TasteMaker is a restaurant simulator developed and published by Jellel Booij. The restaurant simulator puts you in control of making your restaurant a top-notch eating out destination in town. With TestMaker you can build, decorate, manager staff, keep facilities clean, serve a delicious meal, and lots more.

Build: You begin with an empty plot of land. You build your restaurant from the foundation by simply fixing bricks, windows, and doors. You can buy more land and increase your restaurant once you are able to earn the hard-earned cash.

Decorate: Customers want more than a delicious meal. They want a well-decorated environment too. With the simulator, you can decorate your restaurant to keep your guests happy.

Hygiene: When you fail to clean your restaurant it becomes messed up. A dirty environment will attract things like rats and customers won’t be pleased to find them in your restaurant.