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About this game

Tavern of gods is a rogue-lite auto-combat game developed and published by Element Studio.
It is a rogue-lite game because it takes some aspects from roguelikes. Meaning they have elements such as the generation of game content procedurally.
However, you do not need to be too strategic when playing tavern of gods, even though it is typically rich in complex visuals. Apart from that, the game has a progression element that allows you to keep at it even after failure.


Here is how you play tavern of gods.
To form different builds to fight with random monsters, you collect heroes, followers, skills and equipment. You can experience more different builds next time you face another monster since you can collect new items on every expedition.
To enhance your combat effectiveness, you can collect different followers’ souls in battle and activate their personal synergies. You can improve the quality of the equipment by combining their unique attributes.