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Teardown is a limitless sandbox game with fully destructible levels. The game’s categorized as a puzzle, sandbox, simulation, and action game. It is developed and published by Tuxedo Labs

Teardown Gameplay

Teardown is a fantastic heist game with totally destructible voxel environments. A player may plan heists, roam freely within the levels and solve problems with everything around them creatively or with chaotic destruction. Tools available for the destruction of structures include a sledgehammer, shotgun, blow torch, fire extinguisher, and bombs. You may also use vehicles for destruction and ride exciting ones like excavators, trucks, cranes, and boats.

Tearing down the structures builds shortcuts to enable the player to complete objectives faster. A player may also pile objects and build structures using planks or use floating items to their advantage. The first setup does not have a time limit, but an alarm is set off immediately a player picks up a target or starts a fire. They will have to complete all the needed objectives within the set time frame and escape before security catches them.

Game Modes

The game has three game modes; Campaign, Sandbox, and Create. The story in campaign mode begins with your company being in total debt, pushing you to seek jobs from dubious individuals. The first assignments are somewhat legitimate, and they progress into vengeful and prolific theft and destruction. You end up stealing vehicles, demolishing and blowing up structures and safes. There are hidden treasures and valuables spread all around the game and in every level and environment. The player may upgrade their weapons using cash gained from collecting these valuables.

In sandbox mode, you get to free roam and use all the tools you have acquired in the campaign mode, drive any vehicle and make as much damage to the environments as possible without any implication or pressure of time limits and objectives. The environment is your playground and the only obstacle you have to endure

A player may build a custom environment or modify an existing one using the MagicaVoxel modeling software, then import it to the game in create mode.