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The terminator resistance annihilation line was developed and published by Teyon and Reef Entertainments. It ventures beyond the fire line to complete a vital mission controlled by the resistance Kyle Reese hero.

ANNIHILATION LINE takes up a middle way through the critical campaign story. The resistance has defeated their very first infiltrator, but there is time to rest for Jacob Rivers. Orders have come from John Connor that he has to participate in the Northridge Outpost investigation, a civil settlement in which it has varnished and mysteriously gone silent.

Why is it that no one tried to radio in from the Northridge? Could it be Skynet doing this? Are there any civilians who are still alive?

To get answers, Rivers, together with a small team of Resistance soldiers controlled by Kyle Reese r who is Connor’s right-hand man, must go into the most dangerous territory imaginable, which happens to be the land beyond Annihilation Line.