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About The Artful Escape

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The artful escape is a video game published Annapurna interactive and developed by Dinosaur and Beethoven for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox series (X/S). This game was designed by Johnny Galvatron and is a single-player video game.

It can be described as a platform, adventurous, action, and indie game. It is a guitar hero game that is driven by a platforming adventure that waves light rhythm mechanics. The artful in this game escapes into a magical mystery tour.

There are other beasts from different worlds, but the main villain in this game takes a demon form. Francis is struggling with the stress of becoming something as he prepares for his onstage debut in his hometown.

In this game, the players control Francis by moving him across the different musical-infused landscapes. Francis walks with his guitar, which he can play to bring about different effects like facing boss character and scenery interaction.