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The Ascent is an upcoming solo co-op action-shooter role play game set in a cyberpunk world. The game is developed by the Swedish indie game studio Neon Giant and published by Curve Digital. Neon Giant used Unreal Engine to develop the game, which is their debut in the industry.

The game’s story

The Ascent is set in the futuristic world of Veles, where megacorporations have the majority of control and have divided the world into districts.
Players take control of one of the workers enslaved by “The Ascent Group”, the megacorporation controlling the world of Veles. The worker is going about their routine tasks until The Ascent Group suddenly collapses. This collapse creates a power vacuum, leading to chaos in the arcology as the districts, rival corporations and syndicate fight over the control. The role of the players is to stop all the other factions from seizing control and then unmask the mystery behind the sudden collapse of The Ascent Group.

Game features

A vibrant cyberpunk world

Player will meet new allies and enemies as they explore Veles and its districts, from its slums to the high luxury areas.

Explosive shooter

Players can aim low or high, take cover, switch their weapons and equip lethal gadget, and use the destructible environment to their advantage as they keep changing their tactics when facing new enemies.

RPG element

Players can customise their character with cyberware that suits their playing style and skills. They can get new skill points as they level up and try varying augmentations to defeat enemies using new creative tactics.

Solo or Co-op modes

Players can choose between playing the entire game alone or working together with up to three players. The co-op option can either be local or online.


The Ascent features a destructive environment that reacts to the players’ actions, like explosions, bullet impacts and skill power. It also has a fast-travelling system enabled by a built-in subway system that allows players to travel vast distances within a short time.

A player can collect loot of various rarities after defeating enemies. They can also obtain various items after completing missions, exploring the world or buying them from vendors using in-game currency. These items are mainly weapons and gears, which will power up the character and help them tackle obstacles in better ways.

The enemies in the game are diverse and intelligent, from violent humans to mutated beasts and aliens. All these enemies require strategy and consideration to defeat.