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About this game

The Bard’s Tale 4 is a first-person fantasy game that was initially owned by Interplay Productions. In the game, players can freely roam from city to city in search of missions. The sequel was first published in the 80s after which the next series was produced by inXile Entertainment in 2004. After that, the game has been dormant until 2015 when announcements were made for the creation of the fourth version.

What You Can Do in Game

  • Recruit new heroes and veterans to help boost your ranks.
  • Battle enemies to death with your new recruits. Also, the game is inbuilt with combos that allow you to take down enemies in a cool way.
  • Adventure as you unlock the secrets of the past: The game has multiple cities full of quest found in dark and deadly dungeons. In additions these places allow you to unlock the secret of the past

Why You Should Play the Bard’s Tale 4

  1. The game is customizable with the player having the chance to customize the game to their preferences. With this feature, a player can either decide to play the game with numerous saves using the slider option. Furthermore, the game has an AI system to aid in playing the game. However, the AI feature can be turned off for a more hardcore experience.
  2. The game allows players to decide the nature of their avatars. Bard’s Tale 4 allows players to define the heroes they want to be a practitioner or a rogue fighter. Furthermore, the game allows you to unlock up to 21 unique skills that can be implemented at game pay.
  3. Lastly, the game is compatible with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one console. Furthermore, the game can be played on a PC. On the PC the game is supported by the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Also, the game has a long list of up to 100 hit songs to keep you entertained.