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About this game

The battle of polytopia is a turn based strategy, indie game that was developed and published by Midjiwan. The game is all about fighting off the enemy tribes, discovering new lands and learning new technologies. One plays as the leader of a tribe and attempts to build their community using well calculated strategy.

The polytopians are made up of many different communities such as the Xin-xan, the Hoodrick, Bardur, Ullefurgh and the Vengir the warriors that you can’t afford to be on their wrong side. Each ethnic group has a unique characteristic that makes it different from the other. It has 5 different auto generated maps that makes your gaming experience to be unique each time you play. You can choose to play as a single player or opt for a multi-player game of up to 12 players. It has so many amazing features and different game modes to enjoy. It is an easy to learn civilization game that is full of fun.