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About this game

After a very long wait, players can now rest easy knowing that the binding of Isaac repentance is a reality. If you are one of the gamers who have been waiting, the trailer is out, and you can view it to have a gist of what to expect.

The expansion pack is based on a popular fan-made known as the anti-birth. This was first announced in 2018, but since then, has faced a number of delays. In this very comprehensive review, we intend to share a number of things players should expect from the binding of Isaac repentance.

What to Expect

It is worth mentioning that the very first content of the game will jump into the next binding of Isaac repentance. It is equally great to state that there will be some enhancements that make the game worth playing.

The additions will touch the contents, as well as the characters of the game. There will also be new levels that players can die in, which means they will have to play harder this time. According to recent tallies, there are at least 130 new additions that players should expect from the binding of Isaac repentance.

True Co-op

For the very first time, the binding of Isaac repentance will add true co-op. Though this has been in the recent versions of the game, the second player has always been relegated so that he played a support baby that only flew around Isaac assist.

It is one of the many changes that the game will come with. When they commence playing the game, players will take control of the two full Isaacs at once. This is one feature that will give birth to more on-screen chaos, thereby making the game worth playing.

Final Thoughts

The game is yet to be released in March of 2021 and will shake the entire gaming industry. Despite having many essential features, it will be one of the most affordable modern games. Players will need the previous packs to play the next version of the binding of Isaac repentance.

After the release, there will be a switch version that will come soon after. However, there are not many details about this one yet. If you have been waiting for the binding of Isaac repentance, you better get yourself ready to start playing since the game will be soon out. We will update this page as soon as more details become available, so keep checking.