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This adventure game developed by Ars Goetia and released in February 2020 takes players to the city of Rotbork. The game is a combination of a comic book visuals and point-and-click gameplay and is very interesting for the most part. During dialogue a drawback is some editing issues like when English text is replaced with French.

The point-and-click adventure together with excellent art design will entice players into the perverse, demonic city. In the city is a blind prophet, Bartholomeus and this prophet of God has been sent on a mission to cleanse the city from its corruption. The prophet has to navigate buildings and passageways to mix with the citizens of Rotbork, overcoming different obstacles and demons. The developer, in wanting to spice up the game, has added in mini-games as well as an appropriate soundtrack that enhances the atmosphere and mood of the game.

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