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The Complex game takes place in London after a bio attack. A group of scientists is battling against time and air to come up with a laboratory solution to the devastation. The actions of the player affect the death of millions of victims.

This game is a social, interactive sci-fi thriller where the main character interacts with others, which may weaken or strengthen the main player’s abilities. The game tracks each relationship and determines how each scenario would end. It also offers the consequences of the concluding scene. Besides, it tracks the player’s personality and gives a score at the end of each playthrough. The five dimensions of personality include extraversion, openness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and agreeableness.

Other features of the game include a hidden even, the ability to skip scenes and choices for pausing to increase audience participation. It is a game that features various movie stars that include Kate Dickie, Michelle Mylett and the AI Weaver. The former UK Xbox presenter Leah Viathan also makes an appearance.

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