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About The Dark Pictures Little Hope

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The dark pictures little hope is a horror, survival, adventure game that was developed by supermassive Games and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It’s a series game of the Dark Pictures anthology. As a player one takes the role of all the characters in the game by choosing the story narrative which has a unique ending making it different depending with the game option that you choose. One can play a single mode or a co-op multi-player online mode.

The plot of the game.
The game features the story of college students and their professor who are stuck in a haunted ghost town of little Hope. This is after they had an accident in a bad weather and their bus driver go missing making the group go around the town looking for a way to escape the horror that haunts them. During their search, they discover mysterious things about the town as they find execution of the previous settlers who apparently look exactly like them. The group tries as much as they could to uncover the puzzle and story behind the evil in this New England town as well as its people. One of the college students Andrew true identity is revealed as “Anthony Clarke” the only surviving member of a family which died in a house fire while the others are just a fantasy representation of his deceased family. All the characters may die or survive depending on the player.

The features of the game.
The game is represented in a narrative way explaining both the present and past events. With it being the second after the “Man of Medan” which was the first instalment of this series, it has a more paranormal attributes which explores witchcraft as the key theme. Both of them can be played in a co-op online multiplayer mode and can be played as many times as one want. It is however, more exciting with improved features and themes that makes the players more fascinated.

The developers of the game took the advices and complain reviews from the players after the man of Medan was released and they have made the little hope instalment better, with improved character’s speed and visual quality of the game.

In conclusion.
The game draws inspiration from several films such as the: season of the witch, it follows and plays such as the crucible. The players can’t wait for the release of the third instalment “the house of ashes”, which is expected to be much better and more improved.