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About this game

The Amulet of Chaos is the first game in the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk; a medieval fantasy universe. It is a Tactical RPG game that started as a role-playing parody in an audio saga. The characters in the game enter the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk in search of a dangerous artefact. They have to face unusual encounters as they explore the dungeon from the cave up to lord Zangdar’s luxury quarters.

The seven classic role-playing characters (the Elf, the Ranger, the Dwarf, the Ogre, the Thief and the Magician) have unique skills that complement each other as you upgrade them. You are also required to choose an additional team member from the three additional companions.

The characters have to fight with more than 100 enemies in exciting turn-battles, where you can choose from two difficulty system: the simple story mode and the “nightmare mode”, where small mistakes will doom you. Additionally, the hidden destructive objects like the beer kegs have surprising effects that can turn the tide of battle.