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The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr is one season in the year-old epic tale of The Elder Scrolls Online saga. Released on 21 May 2019, the game is live on Xbox One, PC/Mac and PlayStation 4. ZeniMax Online Studios is the game’s developer and Bethesda Softworks is the publisher. In this new story, you get the chance to defend Tamriel, the homeland of the Khajiiti against dragons. Players have new skills to fight with and a bigger map of Tamriel to explore. You get to see the untamed land and its locals, including the nomads who live beyond the city.

Game Play

In this season of the saga, the dragons that were thought to have disappeared are back in Tamriel and are overtaking Alkosh, an ancient temple. You have to use a 12-player team to infiltrate the temple and defeat the dragons who are led by Nahviintaas. Players get collectables and gear to fight the dragons. The player has the power to cast elemental spells that can destroy your enemies. With the right strategies and tools, you can fight the dragons successfully and reap the rewards that come with completing different missions.

Use Death As A Weapon

In this tale, players have the chance to use the power of the dead through the new Necromancer class. You have the opportunity to master the dark arts and use that power to summon the dead. With the new class, you get a unique tactical advantage where you can attack enemies with corpses. As a Necromancer, you can cover yourself and the team with protective bone and flesh.

Three skill lines are available for players – Grave Lord, Bone Tyrant and Living Death. As a Grave Lord, you can destroy your enemies by imbuing the dead with lightning, frost and fire. The Bone Tyrant has the power to bend and break the dead in whatever way needed to use them as barriers. You can use the bones of the dead to fight as well. In Living Death, you can boost your fighting power by resurrecting fallen comrades.

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