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About this game
The End Is Nigh is a platforming enterprise computer game created by Edmund McMillen and Tyler Glaiel. The diversion was discharged in July 2017, on Microsoft Windows through Steam. Different ports of the game were discharged in August 2017, on macOS and in December 2017, for Nintendo Switch and GNU/Linux, with a port for the PlayStation 4 being developed. The diversion has been depicted as an otherworldly successor to McMillen’s Super Meat Boy.


The End Is Nigh is a platforming experience diversion where the player controls Ash, a little dark blob. The game’s introduction demonstrates Ash live gushing a retro-styled rendition of the diversion with a similar name, enabling the player to play through it. Upon the player’s passing, the amusement inside a-diversion crashes, and Ash tries to rescue the cartridge by removing it from the support and blowing on it, with no achievement.
The following day, Ash composes a letter clarifying his present circumstance and the condition of the world, expressing that there was an end of the world, with himself being the main survivor. With his most loved diversion cartridge broken, Ash sets out into the world to make a companion, and re-populate the world.


The game is isolated into over 600 single-screen interconnected levels, framing 12+ parts. The target of the game is to clear the platforming difficulties of each screen and continue to the following, investigating the world and gathering things en route. Collectable things incorporate tumours, which open bonus levels, and computer game cartridges, which open minigames. The diversion additionally includes a few concealed additional items and endings, and also accomplishments. In the “Best Friend” finishing, Ash makes a companion and hosts a party with him, saying how he prefers his new companion. Ash inquires as to whether he prefers him a similar route (with a bit of paper and water hitting “no”). At that point, Ash awakens to another apocalypse. In the “Acceptance” finishing, Ash leaves his companion to detonate, while he escapes and avoids the blast. At the point when the blast goes off, he looks outside and grins. In the “Nevermore” finishing, Ash turns out to be a piece of a “world” as he talks.